Oct 2, 2007

Money: $11.6M to Anucha Browne Sanders?

Anucha Browne Sanders, the former Madison Square Garden employee, just won an $11.6M civil-suit verdict in her sexual harassment suit against MSG and Knicks Coach Isiah Thomas.

(Isiah was found guilty of the harassment, but not personally liable. MSG, pending appeals, etc., is the entity that must pay the $11.6M.)

Cavaet: Sexual harassment is horrifying behavior, and if a New York jury says Thomas committed it, I’m agreeing with the jury. Totally. MSG should pay. Especially MSG honcho James Dolan, who is, almost by legal definition, a total, enabling dunderhead. Probably.

My unique view: At $11.6M, Browne Sanders (who starred as a Northwestern hoopster at the same time I attended that school) becomes only the Knicks’ eighth-largest money commitment on the books.

And that’s not counting the salary due to Isiah and the $25M they just paid Larry Brown a year ago for one year’s work…