Mar 31, 2009

Fast Ideas To Make Money Online

Layoffs, meltdowns, rising mortgage payments. It's bad news all over. But the important part isn't the economy it's your economy. When the money runs out well before the end of the month does, you'll need a couple of ways to earn extra money. Here are a few

Take inventory of all your stuff. Put aside each item that you can part with. Look for stuff that you can replace later when your finances pick up but aren't doing you any good right now. You need to be pretty severe with your choices. Beg or borrow a digital camera and start taking pictures of each individual item and list them for sale on eBay. You want a really large assortment of things to sell, because they won't all sell, you'll more than likely have some duds.

You can also offer this as a service for others in your area. Post flyers around town noting how successful your auctions have been, include some photographs and your email address/contact info. You can either list each product for a fee or take a percentage of the selling price.

If you have ever written anything in your life, even if it was a book report in grade school, dust off your wordsmithing skills and write. Short articles (350 words or so) on a popular or timely subject can earn you up to $20 at a site like If you have the time, it's possible to write up to fifteen articles in an afternoon. You can then use them as the basis of a blog or website.

Use some of the money you earn from writing to buy a domain name and get a host for your new site (or blog). Drop a few affiliate links or some advertising on it (check Google's AdSense program). If it starts to earn money, that's gravy, 'cause you already got paid from the sites listed above. You can then sell it for a profit, usually about ten times its monthly average income.

Sign up with and promote their products as an affiliate. If you can't afford your own site, use free sites like blogger and squidoo. Build those blogs or pages with your previously sold articles (remember to keep the rights to your articles when you sell them) and set up AdSense on them if its allowed by the site owners' terms of service.

You only need to rewrite about 30% of the article in order for the search engines to think it is 'unique.' You can easily hit 30% by rewording the introduction and conclusion and maybe one other paragraph. Then, you can submit the 'new' articles to free article directories linking back to your site to drive traffic. You can raise the popularity of your site and your articles with web 2.0 sites like digg and stumbleupon for more traffic.

It doesn't take a lot of work to set up a few simple websites and use free traffic generating methods to get visitors who will click on ads or buy products from your site. Use the resources quoted above and get started. Just be very wary of any sales pitch that promises you riches overnight. Those 'programs' usually only make the owner richer and you poorer.

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